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I’ve got (Mozart in the) Jungle Fever


For months now, I have thought about watching Mozart in the Jungle. It pops up on my Amazon Prime every time I log in and I think, “I should check that out sometime. But not now. Now, I gotta watch the first season of Veep!” And if it’s not Veep it’s something else.

“Gotta catch up on Blue Bloods!”

“Time to introduce the children to The X Files.”

“Sure, I own every episode of Sex and the City, but…well…it’s here…so…”

I’m ashamed that it took The Golden Globes to get me to actually settle down and watch Mozart in the Jungle. I hate when I let people tell me what I should like and wear and say and watch. I usually revolt against it. I don’t watch Big Bang Theory just because people love it. I will not  read 50 Shades of Grey because people tell me I must. I hate owls! That’s right, I fucking hate owls!  And I refuse to wear those stupid patterned leggings. Not just because I hate the way they look, but also because everyone I know owns a pair. I am an individual, damn it! Not a monkey! (See, most writers would have chosen a lemming over a monkey, but I am different.)

That’s not to say I’m a total anarchist. I mean, I am blogging, so there’s that. I did fall heavily into the throes of The Office, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec. I have tried apple flavored beer, worn a scarf when it’s not cold, and bought a Deepak Chopra book because Oprah told me to.

And now I’ve watched Mozart in the Jungle because the Golden Globes made a big stink of it.

It wasn’t just that though. Gael Garcia Bernal, who plays Rodrigo, won a Golden Globe for best t..v actor in a musical/comedy. When he gave his acceptance speech, he was just so happy and adorable and full of joy. I love it when they win like that, and I thought, “Awe, that’s someone who I want to see more of.”

So, this afternoon the children finally went back to school. Jack finally went down for an afternoon nap. I probably should have cleaned something, but instead I plucked my eyebrows. And while I plucked my eyebrows, I thought I’d throw Mozart in the Jungle on the Kindle Fire.  Because that’s what you do when you want to get into a new show. Watch it while you have a pointy object hovering close to your eyeball.

Sadly, my eyebrows look like crap right now, but I did enjoy Mozart in the Jungle. A lot. I watched 4 episodes before the Kindle died, and I’m kinda jonesing for some more right now. But I’m an adult and have to do adult things first. I’ll reward myself later with some Mozart…maybe a glass of wine…the hubs massaging my feet. Oh yeah, I like where this is headed.

Anyways, if it is at all possible for you to watch Mozart in the Jungle, I highly recommend it. But don’t do it because I’m telling you to. Be your own person. A person who’s smart and can make their own decisions. A person who, maybe doesn’t like music and wine and massages and everything that comes after that?

Yeah, you like all that. So watch Mozart. Just don’t tell anyone you heard it from me.

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3 thoughts on “I’ve got (Mozart in the) Jungle Fever

    1. I believe it is only on Amazon Prime. Like Orange is the New Black is only on Netflix. If you don’t have AP, I’d recommend that, too. It’s $90/year and you do get a lot of free movies and t.v. shows. You also get to borrow books to read on your kindle or other devices. And, if you shop a lot on Amazon, you get free 2 day shipping (which really came in handy over the holidays). Check it out!

      1. We have Amazon Prime, we just aren’t smart enough to use it for anything other than free shipping. I’d write a post about that, but I’m not savvy enough to know everything I don’t know. Getting old sucks.

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