Please, Tell Me More about Rachel Grise!


Rachel Grise is an amazing wife and unbelievably nurturing mother to 3 perfect children. She’s idolized by all her friends, who are constantly seeking her wisdom and counsel. Other parents fight to be in her company and beg for her Triple Chocolate Cake recipe, which has been a family secret since she invented it. She often gets called charming and adorable, sophisticated and refined, hilarious and lovely. She’s also the writer of this blog and can say whatever she wants.

And now she’s going to stop referring to herself in the 3rd person.

Welcome to my blog! Because BECAUSE is not an answer is something I say maybe 400 times a day.

Why is there a can of tuna under your pillow?

I thought maybe others could relate, and would want to laugh along with me…or at me…as long as there’s laughter.

I’ve been featured on Blogher several times, have almost finished writing the second chapter of a novel, and recently became that age when women tinkle when they laugh.

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27 thoughts on “Please, Tell Me More about Rachel Grise!

  1. FUN! I’m about to be a stay at home mom too! (along with many other things… foodie, photographer, traveler, semi manager/pimp for my filmmaker husband, blogger, etc). Looking forward to hearing more from you! I also like saying F-ck.

  2. Hi Whims,
    I’ve decided to follow any WordPress members who commented on or liked my past posts, in an effort to be more community minded. Don’t feel compelled to hit me back, but if you do I hope you enjoy and say hi.
    bcpkid (pettiplays)

  3. I stumbled on your blog through another and I just want to say thank you for putting on a smile on my face with your posts…crappy day just made better! We started this crazy rule a while ago of paying the kids a quarter every time we use profanity. Needless to say, I am in serious debt..

    1. How great to hear! I hope today is even better. And as far as the quarter thing goes…what the hell were you thinking!?!? If I did that, my 7-year-old would be able to purchase himself a BMW by the end of the year! Hmm…on 2nd thought, maybe I should start that…ground him from the car…and have a new one just for me! Great Parenting trick, Shadedbliss! Kudos to you! And thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi just know this is not a challenge you have to accept: Edwina from Edwinas Episodes invited me to join in on
    the challenge “Five Photo’s Five Stories” and I had accepted. Today is my third day of this challenge.

    Five Photos, Five Stories, like most challenges isn’t without rules, or better said, a loose set of guidelines:

    1. Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.

    2. Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or simply a short paragraph – it is entirely up to you.

    3. At the end of each day, nominate one other blogger to take part.

  5. Rachel! I tagged you in a one-liner story today but I think my comment went to your spam because I put the link in it. And then I sent you an email and I think that went to spam because I put the link in it. So I am not going to put the link in this. Look at my blog for the one liner post today, because there’s a story on it, and you’re it! Now let’s see if this comment takes or disappears into thin air.

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